3 of the most important things to remember when using a gasmask

In recent news article it was reported that a man has been found guilty of killing his lover during a kinky sex session in which the couple were using sex toys, rope, a swing, and a gas mask. 

The article went on to report that the lover was found wearing the gas mask and was tied around the neck with rope which had restricted the airways. The defendant was in a drug induced stupor and therefore did not notice his lover's gasps and pathetic scratchings for air. Though it is not a common use for a gasmask, kinky sex is a good example of situations where extra care should be taken when a gasmask is being used. You must remember, a gasmask is designed to restrict airflow in some manner. Here are 3 of the most important things to consider when using a gasmask.

1. The mask restricts airflow. Though this has already been stated, it is very important to remember that these things are sealed to keep bad air out... but they will keep good air out too. As the unfortunate couple mentioned above found out, this can be catastrophic.

2. The gasmask only works where there is air. This means it strains out contaminates, but will not do very well in smoke or thick dirt, though dust shouldn't be a problem unless it is very thick. You might as well try using it under water, (which won't work!)

3. A gasmask is not a toy. Not even a sex toy! These things are very well made, and are designed to protect you from an attack of a chemical nature. The best thing to do with your gasmask is to leave it to it's intended use, and that includes regular inspections to ensure that it doesn't have dryrot cracks, or mold. Also make sure that your charcoal filter is up to date.