New York restaurant finds new use for gas masks


As the Passover looms, the Pickle Guys shop on the lower east side are working feverishly to grate the horseradish that they sell as a Passover Seder to signify the harsh bitterness that the Jews suffered during their years of slavery in Egypt.

What makes these guys different is the fact that they have discovered that gas masks work perfectly against the harsh fumes that the horseradish root produces as it is prepared for sale. Before they got the bright idea, an idea that has been implemented since the mid 1990's, they used to suffer greatly from the fumes, and were forced to just "sit there and cry".  The idea came about when they hired some service members who had returned to New York from Operation Desert Storm, and they brought their gas masks in to give themselves some relief. This has become a company trademark for these guys at this point and people even come in these days just to take pictures of the guys in the gas masks preparing the food. 

Portland authority accused of using Government funds to purchase gas masks


The Portland Tribune reports that a MUltnomah county Animal Services manager was stealing government funds to purchase survival equipment to include gas masks. 

"The former manager for Multnomah County's Animal Services has pled guilty to allegations of official misconduct, aggravated first-degree theft and ID theft.

Randall Ray Brown appeared before Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Eric J. Bloch on Tuesday to change his plea. As part of the plea agreement, the 55 remains counts in the indictment were dismissed. Those charged included allegations of aggravated first-degree theft, money laundering, ID theft, first-degree theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, computer crime and official misconduct.

Brown's official sentencing will be heard May 14, where it is expected he will received a sentence of 18 months in prison and be ordered to make a payment of $54,587 in restitution.

Tuesday's change of plea hearing was re-scheduled from earlier this month.

The Portland Tribune, a KOIN 6 News media partner, first reported that Brown used county funds to buy gold bullion, gas masks, military grade knives and survival gear." --Portand Tribune


The gasmask as an icon


The gas mask, an absolute necessity since World War One, has since become

something more than a method of keeping breathable air in the lungs, it has become a symbol of power. There was no coincidence in Stephen Spielberg choosing to have Darth Vader, the villain of all villains, don a huge and intimidating respirator as part of his characterization. The lack of human features coupled with the rasping, ragged breath and hissing speech caused by the device was an effective method of developing the character as dangerous and inherently evil. You saw him in the black suit and cape, hissing and staring wildly with those black shiny eye lenses, and you knew - for sure - that you didn't want to mess with that guy. It should be no surprise then that gas masks have found their way into the fetish and BDSM community. The gas mask is perfect in so many ways for achieving different methods of "play" within kink society. The glossy black plastic matches well with latex, the airtight fit offers the opportunity for breath play, and the power exchange opportunities are obvious. The eyeholes can be covered for sensory deprivation, and the entire effect of the mask in general is one of dehumanization. It is the same principal that assault teams utilize in wearing balaclavas when preparing to attack, the lack of facial features give the enemy the illusion of fighting something unknown, dehumanization strikes terror in one's heart; bringing back, if for only a moment, the fear of monsters in the closet.

The icon of the gas mask has come to represent, more than anything else, the coming of the nuclear age. It is an ever present reminder of the fallibility and volatility of human life and is indicative of the condition of one's own environment becoming a threat to that life. strangely, there is a macabre fascination with that fallibility, and it is not restricted to American culture either. Consider the popular Japanese photograph of the nineteen thirties, a time before the nuclear attacks, entitled "Gas Mask Parade". The message it sends is clear, that the population is dehumanized, powerless, and serving as cogs in the machine. Though there are several icons of the nuclear age, none seem to carry the effect that the gas mask has. Possibly this is due to the civilianization of the gas mask. The one item that was mass produced and issued en masse to the world population during times of conflict. It was  a tangible object which promised the dangers of a coming war.

Think you never have to worry about a mustard gas attack in this day and age? Think again!



A recent news story has been printed explaining that treasure hunters in Europe found more than they had bargained for while looking for war relics in in Lincolnshire, UK.

Unfortunately for them the war relics that they uncovered could still be lethal after many years of storage. And though these canisters of mustard oil, which could be converted to gas, were not truly remnants from the first Great War, the lesson is still the same: it would behoove you to be prepared to deal with weapons of mass destruction wherever you find them. And the fact of the matter is that mustard oil can be readily found in mid America even to this day.

Many horse trainers in the Deep South of America still mustard oil to train Tennessee Walking Horses to enhance the “Big Lick” gait that mostly occurs naturally to them.


According to a recent article in “The Daily Mail”:


“Mustard gas was used during the First World War, killing and badly injuring thousands of soldiers in the trenches. It was outlawed by the Geneva Protocol of 1925.

The drama began on Sunday when two people digging for old and collectable glass bottles in the wood had to be taken to hospital with minor burns and respiratory problems after they struck the mustard gas canisters.

RAF Woodhall Spa base was located in the area from 1942 until it was closed in the mid 1960s.

Lincolnshire Police said it was 'believed the canisters have been in situ since when the site was an operational RAF base'.

They said some of the wood has been cordoned off and emergency services are searching for any more devices.

Neither of the burns victim was seriously injured and they were both discharged from hospital on the same day, police added.

The canisters were taken to the 'doomwatch' top-secret Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down, in Wiltshire.”


The important thing to remember about mustard oil is that it is deadly in many ways. It has the consistency and color of diesel fuel, but it will burn to blisters any part of your skin that it touches. If sniffed even slightly, it affects you much like a very hot bite of horseradish will, sending a chilling scald through your nasal passages and over the top of your scalp and behind your eyes. A deep inhale would likely cause death or serious injury.

Russian citizens protesting with gasmasks? Not a good idea!


Recently there has been some westernized sentiment regarding the treatment of Russian leadership. Demonstrations are becoming more brazen from beyond the Iron Curtain as democratic ideology seems to be catching on world wide.

In Russian social media, a flash mob was planned to demonstrate against the state of the environment in Russian states, and the target town, Chelyabinsk, was going to be the scene of passive aggressiveness in the form of a gas-mask wearing mob.

According to the below report:

Authorities in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk have warned residents not to wear gas masks to publicly express their environmental concerns during Russian President Vladimir Putin's upcoming visit.

The administration of the Urals city issued a statement on November 2 noting that a federal law forbids demonstrators from hiding their faces during public gatherings.

The statement followed online discussions by local residents about staging a flash mob next week during Putin's visit to Chelyabinsk, where he is expected to meet Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev for a November 9 forum on bilateral cooperation.

Writing on the Russian social-networking site VKontakte, one resident described the planned flash mob by demonstrators wearing gas masks as a last-ditch effort to attract attention to locals' push for a cleaner city.

"Protests, referendums, petitions, and questions to the president have not led to the improvement of ecological conditions in Chelyabinsk," the user wrote.

The Chelyabinsk region has long been plagued by industrial pollution. Russian Natural Resources Minister Sergei Donskoi said last year that the region was among the country's worst in terms of air quality.

The Chelyabinsk city administration's statement specifically warned activists against wearing gas masks to greet the president.

It said residents should cast a "critical eye" on plans for the protest, noting that local authorities had not granted permission for such a demonstration.”

How to defend against a tear gas attack


Tear gas used in a robbery attack in Paris

November 7, 2017


According to news sources, a gang of thugs used tear gas to rob 40 Chinese tourists in an ambush style attack that transpired in an affluent Paris Hotel where these tourists were visiting for a holiday.

The tour group had just returned from a shopping trip in the French capital at around 8.20pm on Thursday evening. But when they made it back to the car park of the Kyriad Hotel they were jumped by the gang who sprayed tear gas at them. The group then sprinted off with nine bags filled with shopping items.

Though this style of attack is not necessarily something that you can be prepared for in any other way than constantly wearing a gasmask, you can be prepared mentally, and doing so will give you an edge if and when you are confronted by a tear gas wielding attacker. Here are three tips that you can use for your defense in such a case:

1.     Move your face out of the cloud. One thing I learned when I worked in a maximum security prison is that chemical munitions work in your airway and eyes… but they only work in your airway and eyes. So, if you can remove your access from the cloud of gas, you can eliminate a good bit of the effect from hurting you.

2.     Catch the munition in your hands or on your arms. As I said before, chemical munitions only work when they get into your airway or eyes, catch them elsewhere and you won’t be as contaminated… I say “as contaminated” because you will be affected to some extent, everyone around will be.

3.     Use the chemical against your attacker. Remember how we just caught the agent in our hands and on our clothes? Well, hands and clothes make an excellent method of distribution do feel free to adequately distribute a copious amount of said chemical to your attackers face and eyes… he has earned it!

Arizona residents get a surprise as Army brass goes on a ruck march


On September 18, 2017, the residents of Scottsdale Arizona got quite a surprise as they jogged, rode their bikes, and went fishing and found themselves in the company of a group of high ranking Army soldiers who were donning gasmasks and carrying 40 pound ruck sacks on their backs in order to prove a point. 

This group was comprised of the Command Staff of the 200th Military Police Command, and they have hundreds of years of experience between them. 

Commanded by Command Sgt. Major Craig Owens, this group set the standard for excellence as he led his NCO's on a forced march to show the new recruits that rising to the top doesn't necessarily come with the price tag of becoming soft. In the manner of the Army's past heroes of leadership, Owens strode purposely at the helm of his column, gasmask firmly in place and rucksack cinched tightly.

fter the march, Owens said that he wanted all to know that as American soldiers they train hard to a man to be ready to get into the fight wherever the fight might find them. "That training includes training our minds, our bodies, and our souls to be ready when we are called upon by Big Army." Owens said after the march.  

Wildfires; 4 things you need to know for survival


If you are enjoyng the end of summer by camping, fishing, hiking, or any other form of adventure, then you should be somewhat aware of the danger of fire right now.  Especially in the west, fire is a real and present danger anywhere there is wilderness because the dry weather leads to a dry environment and it is prone to combustion. The truth is that you can get caught in a wildfire at any time nearly anywhere, but some areas are more volatile than others.

Here are four things you need to know:

  1. You should avoid a wildfire. If you want to simply stay out of the wildfires, keep an eye on the environment that you are in. Green lush underbrush is highly unlikely to result in fire, as any survivalist who has tried to start a fire with green wood can tell you. If the foliage ranges in color from yellow to brown, then you are in more danger of fire depending on the color. I have seen fires get started with the sun shining through  a condom full of water when it is dry enough.
  2. Watch your heat sources. This means campfires, catalytic converters, condoms full of water in the sunlight etc... Don't use firecrackers or gun errantly. Understand that once you get a fire going, you will play hell to get it stopped. You are so much better off just not getting into the problem to begin with.
  3. Have a plan to get away from a fire. Running from it isn't an option because it can travel faster than you can. It's best to look for non-flammable terrain, depressions, already burnt areas, and large bodies of water to get yourself into. Remember to protect your airways, and to remove any type of clothing that will ignite and melt, thereby sticking to you while burning.
  4. Don't depend on your gas mask for protection. As we've discussed before, a gas mask will not protect you from smoke inhalation because the smoke depletes the oxygen from the environment and the gas mask is a filtration system. You will be better off trying to control the acridity of the smoke with a cloth covering over your nose and mouth.

Sarin Gas: a brief history

Sarin Gas is a clear, tasteless, colorless, odorless and deadly gas that will attack the nervous system immediately and will result in death quickly.  It is rumored that Sarin Gas is prevalent in terrorist states and has even been used in chemical attacks in Syria. 

It is classified as a nerve agent, and has been used prolifically in terror attacks over the last several years... with devastating effects. It is transferred through skin contact, eye contact, or through inhalation. 

Sarin was used in the 1990's for a terror attack in Japan on the subway which proved to be deadly.  This gas was developed in Germany as a "pesticide" in 1938. 

It is believed that it was used in the first Iran-Iraq war due to symptoms that were observed though that was never proved. In 1988 Hussein ordered the use of Sarin Gas and the Nazi "VX" gas in Halabja.

In 1994 the gas was used to kill seven Japanese people and hospitalized 500 by the Shinri Kyo cult. They did the same thing in 1995 in Tokyo killing 13 and sickening 5,000.

In 2004 Sarin Gas was found in an AED, and by 2006 there were over 500 munitions recovered which had contained Sarin Gas.

Since 2013 it has been found that Syrian rebels have access to Sarin Gas and that it is a viable threat to the safety of every American citizen who is located in a foreign or domestic environment. There is no easy way to test for the presence of Sarin that converts from fluid to gas very quickly. In following posts we will discuss methods of determining whether an attack is occurring and will discuss methods of protecting yourelf from a suspected Sarin Gas attack. 


How to make a simple gas-mask; 3 things you have to know

In our previous entry we discussed the fact that one of the earliest methods of dealing with the problem of gas attack was to urinate into a rag and breath through that. Now, that might work effectively, but it is not the best option in my humble opinion. No, there are other options out there and there are plenty of materials available that can be used to make a passable gas-mask, even if you are on an airplane when you need it. In this example I am going to tell you how to make an improvised gas mask with a two liter bottle and a filter mask. This is not going to be one hundred percent effective, but it will beat having nothing.  In this mask you simply take the empty two liter bottle of your choice, cut it to fit your face, (you can include a face-mask or not in your cut, depending on your preference). You place the filter into the bottle to cover your mouth, and either hold it to your face, or seal it into place with duct tape. However you choose to do it, here are three things you must always remember about a home-made gas mask .

1. It is temporary. Don't get comfortable wearing this. It is only to be used to get you out of harm's way until better measures can be taken. 

2. You need to protect your eyes as well as your respiration system. As mentioned earlier, you can use the plastic on the bottle to create a makeshift face-guard to include your eyes. 

3. You should be cognizant of the need of these materials. What I mean by this is that you should keep these things around in case you need them. The only thing worse than not having a gas mask when you need it is to not have the materials to make one when you need them.

Recent gas threat is a game changer; 3 things you must do to fly securely

You must take precautions to protect loved ones in this day and age... even on vacation.

You must take precautions to protect loved ones in this day and age... even on vacation.

On Sunday, July 31, 2017 an ISIS plot to gas an Australian plane was uncovered and nefarious activity was thwarted. According to sources, Australian authorities have made several arrests in connection with the plan to gas an airplane and take control of it by two Lebanese men, Khaled Mahmoud Khayat and Mahmoud Kayat, (relationship unknown). 

Though the Australian authorities are remaining tight-lipped about the intricacies of this terrorist plot, one thing is for sure, and that is that ISIS is stepping up to the level of other terrorist organizations in their desire to target civilians and the hijacking of airplanes as weapons.  because of this you must be prepared for anything to happen anywhere. This is especially true when you are on vacation. So, here are three things you need to do to prepare to fly safely.

1. Get your mind right. You have to realize that the authorities can't protect you. they do a great job of investigating your death, and notifying your next of kin, but when the chips are down you cannot depend on an air marshal or a Navy Seal to be on hand to intervene for you. Have a plan to protect yourself and others with directed violence when need be. 

2. Keep supplies on hand. We know now that gas is a possible weapon of choice to incapacitate you so be prepared for it. A gasmask isn't the only protection from gas. Originally, soldiers in WWI used urine soaked rags to protect themselves from the effects of chemical weapons. Over the next several blogs we will go over non-conventional chemical weapon defense. 

3. Pay attention to those around you. I get very frustrated, when traveling, by the lack of eye contact I get from the general public. I can always recognize my fellow warriors because we stare at each other for a brief second, sizing each other up, and finally dismissing the situation with a courteous nod before going on our way. Look at people, trust your senses, watch for dangerous people who would do you harm if given the chance.  

3 more things you must remember about your gas mask

I have recently documented two different topics of caution to bear in mind when using a gasmask, that of not depending on it when you are in danger of being in an environment that is not conducive  to the need to have a filter to trap contaminates, (like in a smokey environment), and precautions to take when dealing with a substance that is dangerous in other ways other than as a chemical irritant, (mustard gas for instance).

However, there are other precautions you should take as well when confronted with the possible need to don a gasmask. Most of these involve the delivery of this substance which can be just as dangerous to you as the substance itself. Here are 3 precautions that you must take when you are depending on a gasmask to protect you from harm. 

1. The gasmask is not body armor. That means that this thing will not protect you from blunt force trauma... at least not completely. It is better than nothing, but you need to be aware that gas canisters are usually launched by something propulsive and the canister itself can hurt you very badly.

2. It is not heat retardant. It will not protect you from being burned either. As was covered in the last blog, a chemical agent that is caustic in nature will eat you up regardless of whether you have a gasmask on or not. 

3. A gasmask can actually be detrimental in some cases. Most notably, the gasmask can hurt you if it catches on fire. Made out of plastic and rubber, a gasmask will burn quite energetically in most instances. If it is stuck to your face while it is burning, t hat will lead to severe damage to your face.

ISIS terrorism: will they use Mustard Gas?

It has been reported recently that ISIS might be inclined to step up their terror attacks with the use of Mustard Gas. This is a horrible prospect because Mustard Gas is caustic and will burn any flesh that it comes in contact with.  As  a matter of fact, the substance was so horrible that it was agreed by all civilized societies after World War I, not to ever use it again for warfare. 

According to, this is a brief history of Mustard Gas:


"Mustard gas, or sulfur mustard (Cl-CH2CH2)2S, is a chemical agent that causes severe burning of the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. It can be absorbed into the body through inhalation, ingestion or by coming into contact with the skin or eyes.

First used during World War I, the gas is effective at incapacitating its victims en masse. Sulfur mustard is generally colorless in its gaseous state, though it may have a faint yellow or green tint. It's most easily recognized by its trademark "mustardy" odor, though some compare its smell to that of garlic, horseradish or sulfur.

The gas is a vesicant, or blister-agent, causing redness and itching of the skin that results in yellow, pus-filled blisters. Because mustard gas strips away the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and respiratory tract, victims may also experience irritation of the eyes, temporary blindness, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath and sinus pain. The digestive tract is also affected, resulting in abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever and vomiting." 

The problem then is that even if you are wearing a gasmask, this stuff can mess you up in a major way. The best advice you can put to use in dealing with this stuff is to look for ways to ventilate whatever area you are in. You can't let it get on you in any way.

3 of the most important things to remember when using a gasmask

In recent news article it was reported that a man has been found guilty of killing his lover during a kinky sex session in which the couple were using sex toys, rope, a swing, and a gas mask. 

The article went on to report that the lover was found wearing the gas mask and was tied around the neck with rope which had restricted the airways. The defendant was in a drug induced stupor and therefore did not notice his lover's gasps and pathetic scratchings for air. Though it is not a common use for a gasmask, kinky sex is a good example of situations where extra care should be taken when a gasmask is being used. You must remember, a gasmask is designed to restrict airflow in some manner. Here are 3 of the most important things to consider when using a gasmask.

1. The mask restricts airflow. Though this has already been stated, it is very important to remember that these things are sealed to keep bad air out... but they will keep good air out too. As the unfortunate couple mentioned above found out, this can be catastrophic.

2. The gasmask only works where there is air. This means it strains out contaminates, but will not do very well in smoke or thick dirt, though dust shouldn't be a problem unless it is very thick. You might as well try using it under water, (which won't work!)

3. A gasmask is not a toy. Not even a sex toy! These things are very well made, and are designed to protect you from an attack of a chemical nature. The best thing to do with your gasmask is to leave it to it's intended use, and that includes regular inspections to ensure that it doesn't have dryrot cracks, or mold. Also make sure that your charcoal filter is up to date.


Gasmask was key to iguana wrangling

According to a recent story in the Palm Beach post, a Florida man saved himself from harm by using a gasmask, bullet proof vest, and ski gloves to wrestle a very large iguana from a woman's toilet in southern Florida. 

The story goes on to say that the iguana must have fallen through the vent in the roof of the woman's bathroom and then gotten into the toilet to cool itself down in the porcelain chilled water.

According to the Green Iguana Society, iguanas can be very dangerous and can hurt you in several different ways, to include whipping you wth their tails or biting and scratching you.  While the bite isn't poisonous per se, it can be full of bacteria and the many rows of sharp teeth of an iguana can cause a lot of damage. This fact is key to why the use of the gasmask was so important to the wrangling of the wild iguana, because one of the key identifiers of people who have iguanas as pets is said to be the telltale scratches that they have on their faces, necks, and arms. 

The mask, while not needed for respiratory protection, was pertinent to the protection of the man's face and because of the availability of the mask, he was able to protect his face from harm when grabbing and expelling the aggressive creature.

The report goes on to explain that the iguana was removed without incident but apparently this is a common problem for people who live in South Florida. All the more reason to have a gasmask on hand or even two for that matter. 

American Soldiers are training harder than ever in the gas chamber

In a recent report from Fort Bliss, 1st Battalion, 77th Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team is undergoing intense training in the use of gas masks to defend against chemical weapons. No longer a "threat from the past" these chemical munitions can and most likely will be a force to be reckoned as American Soldiers find it necessary to engage in upcoming conflicts. 

We have seen several recent uses of chemical and nerve agents by third world countries which are indicative of things to come, including the public assassination of an enemy of the North Korean Regime. While these might be isolated incidents, our men and women who are put into harms way are taking no chances. 

According to Army 1st Lt. Mike Florentino, the training is designed to build confidence in the troops so that they can remain calm if ever confronted with a biological agent.  "One of the basic skills that soldiers have to have is to be able to don their protective equipment and operate in a contained environment." He said. "The training shows them, one,  how to do it, and two, to have confidence that it would work in a real life situation". 

About two hundred and fifty soldiers assigned to the 77th completed this training last month, and many more are set to take it as well. Like it or not chemical weapons are going to be used in hostilities and the best thing that we can do is to prepare for the worse. 

Though these soldiers are training for more worrisome weapons than chemical irritants, the CS gas that they use to simulate nerve agents and other biological hazards is abrasive enough to make you "want to stay out of the fog". 

Gas mask memorabilia: 3 places to look


If you are one of those people who have a strange attraction to gas-mask memorabilia, (or military surplus items in general), then you understand the allure of the relic of struggles and times gone past. 

For many people, these items of military history and occupation bring with them an almost psychic energy that awakens a quickening in the soul and which opens the spirit up as if it were a flower abraded by a stinging wind. 

I remember fondly the days of my youth when a trip with my dad to the local surplus store would reveal countless treasures in the form of genuine military and war surplus.  There were not only clothes and gas masks, tents, bayonets, and tarpaulins. There were medals, canteens, boots, and equipment that was the very essence of the American struggle and the culmination of a war torn world veritably at the fingertips to be felt and fondled.  The same cannot be said now. Though military surplus is abundant, there are very few items that had the ambiance of those that were offered immediately following WWII and Korea. 

They can still be found, these relics of a world gone by, you just have to know where to look. Here are three places to look for military surplus and gasmasks:

1. Ebay. you will be surprised what is for sale on this site. You can literally find anything you want, or nearly so.

2. Letgo and other sites like it. This is kind of like ebay, but you are likely to have better luck on these sites because the surplus is in your area and isn't so labor intensive to sell.

3. Surplus stores. Just because your local surplus store doesn't have what you want doesn't mean they can't get it. Get friendly with the owners and tell them what you want... they'll likely come across it in their travels. 

Is that what you need? The difference between a SCBA and a gas mask

We have discussed previously, the many things that a gas mask are not good for; however, that doesn't change the fact that there are certain situations which a gas mask will not help you in, but which you dearly need help to survive. A fire for instance, produces an environment where a gas mask won't help you at all, regardless of the fact that you really need help.

The problem comes whenever you run into a situation that leaves you with an oxygen depleted environment. Underwater, for instance, is actually a very oxygen rich environment. The problem is that the oxygen is mixed with hydrogen, and is therefore useless to us for respiration. The same is true for a smoky room. That oxygen is mixed with carbon and can't be breathed. The answer for a situation such as this is to have an apparatus that offers pure oxygen to the lungs, much like SCUBA gear does for divers. 

Firemen use what's known as a SCBA. This acronym stands for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. (SCUBA means Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)  And that is what you will need if the oxygen in an area is depleted to the point that the chemical irritants can't be separated from it.  The gas mask is best used outside, against chemical irritant that doesn't mix with oxygen molecules well. There are civilian models of SCBAs that are affordable and which work well if you would like to keep some in your house for your family; however, bear in mind that they require some maintenance as the oxygen goes stale after a while. 

What do you get when you cross gasmask with a surgical mask?

The answer, according to Kris Naudus, a writer for is called the O2O2. Developed by an urbanist startup in New York, these masks are designed to end the dependency on volatile, disposable surgical masks that have to be replaced every few hours. 

This design, created by Urban-X in Brooklyn, claims to have a build that is far more solid and substantial than the fabric that disposable masks are made of. It further claims to reduce the dehumanization of it's wearer more-so than a traditional gas mask because it has a clear face shield that only obstructs half of the wearer's face.  And they claim that difference goes deeper than aesthetics too. 

According to the designer, the traditional rubber gas mask can get festered over time because of mouth moisture and respiration. (That is of course, considering that you are wearing your traditional mask for hours at a time and aren't prone to cleanliness, Godliness, or civility). The 0202 design has two fans installed that circulate the air inside of the mask and thereby dries the bacteria causing atmosphere within the mask. Though one might be disposed to guess that this would dry the mouth as well, giving you the  sensation of waking after a long slumber with diabetes. I can't imagine that this would be comforting in a firefight, or if one were fleeing for one's life; however, that's not what this is designed for. 

The idea is chic and cunning, and it is worth looking at the article about this device more in-depth.