Arizona residents get a surprise as Army brass goes on a ruck march


On September 18, 2017, the residents of Scottsdale Arizona got quite a surprise as they jogged, rode their bikes, and went fishing and found themselves in the company of a group of high ranking Army soldiers who were donning gasmasks and carrying 40 pound ruck sacks on their backs in order to prove a point. 

This group was comprised of the Command Staff of the 200th Military Police Command, and they have hundreds of years of experience between them. 

Commanded by Command Sgt. Major Craig Owens, this group set the standard for excellence as he led his NCO's on a forced march to show the new recruits that rising to the top doesn't necessarily come with the price tag of becoming soft. In the manner of the Army's past heroes of leadership, Owens strode purposely at the helm of his column, gasmask firmly in place and rucksack cinched tightly.

fter the march, Owens said that he wanted all to know that as American soldiers they train hard to a man to be ready to get into the fight wherever the fight might find them. "That training includes training our minds, our bodies, and our souls to be ready when we are called upon by Big Army." Owens said after the march.