How to make a simple gas-mask; 3 things you have to know

In our previous entry we discussed the fact that one of the earliest methods of dealing with the problem of gas attack was to urinate into a rag and breath through that. Now, that might work effectively, but it is not the best option in my humble opinion. No, there are other options out there and there are plenty of materials available that can be used to make a passable gas-mask, even if you are on an airplane when you need it. In this example I am going to tell you how to make an improvised gas mask with a two liter bottle and a filter mask. This is not going to be one hundred percent effective, but it will beat having nothing.  In this mask you simply take the empty two liter bottle of your choice, cut it to fit your face, (you can include a face-mask or not in your cut, depending on your preference). You place the filter into the bottle to cover your mouth, and either hold it to your face, or seal it into place with duct tape. However you choose to do it, here are three things you must always remember about a home-made gas mask .

1. It is temporary. Don't get comfortable wearing this. It is only to be used to get you out of harm's way until better measures can be taken. 

2. You need to protect your eyes as well as your respiration system. As mentioned earlier, you can use the plastic on the bottle to create a makeshift face-guard to include your eyes. 

3. You should be cognizant of the need of these materials. What I mean by this is that you should keep these things around in case you need them. The only thing worse than not having a gas mask when you need it is to not have the materials to make one when you need them.