Gas mask memorabilia: 3 places to look


If you are one of those people who have a strange attraction to gas-mask memorabilia, (or military surplus items in general), then you understand the allure of the relic of struggles and times gone past. 

For many people, these items of military history and occupation bring with them an almost psychic energy that awakens a quickening in the soul and which opens the spirit up as if it were a flower abraded by a stinging wind. 

I remember fondly the days of my youth when a trip with my dad to the local surplus store would reveal countless treasures in the form of genuine military and war surplus.  There were not only clothes and gas masks, tents, bayonets, and tarpaulins. There were medals, canteens, boots, and equipment that was the very essence of the American struggle and the culmination of a war torn world veritably at the fingertips to be felt and fondled.  The same cannot be said now. Though military surplus is abundant, there are very few items that had the ambiance of those that were offered immediately following WWII and Korea. 

They can still be found, these relics of a world gone by, you just have to know where to look. Here are three places to look for military surplus and gasmasks:

1. Ebay. you will be surprised what is for sale on this site. You can literally find anything you want, or nearly so.

2. Letgo and other sites like it. This is kind of like ebay, but you are likely to have better luck on these sites because the surplus is in your area and isn't so labor intensive to sell.

3. Surplus stores. Just because your local surplus store doesn't have what you want doesn't mean they can't get it. Get friendly with the owners and tell them what you want... they'll likely come across it in their travels.