What do you get when you cross gasmask with a surgical mask?

The answer, according to Kris Naudus, a writer for engadget.com is called the O2O2. Developed by an urbanist startup in New York, these masks are designed to end the dependency on volatile, disposable surgical masks that have to be replaced every few hours. 

This design, created by Urban-X in Brooklyn, claims to have a build that is far more solid and substantial than the fabric that disposable masks are made of. It further claims to reduce the dehumanization of it's wearer more-so than a traditional gas mask because it has a clear face shield that only obstructs half of the wearer's face.  And they claim that difference goes deeper than aesthetics too. 

According to the designer, the traditional rubber gas mask can get festered over time because of mouth moisture and respiration. (That is of course, considering that you are wearing your traditional mask for hours at a time and aren't prone to cleanliness, Godliness, or civility). The 0202 design has two fans installed that circulate the air inside of the mask and thereby dries the bacteria causing atmosphere within the mask. Though one might be disposed to guess that this would dry the mouth as well, giving you the  sensation of waking after a long slumber with diabetes. I can't imagine that this would be comforting in a firefight, or if one were fleeing for one's life; however, that's not what this is designed for. 

The idea is chic and cunning, and it is worth looking at the article about this device more in-depth.