Oh roma... Using gasmask technology to turn it up a notch

According to a recent article in Esquire magazine, a recent start-up is coming out with a virtual reality pornography idea that is using gasmask technology in a way that no one has ever expected. I won't link the site here, because it is adults only pornography; nor will I name it for the same reason. (Google will pull that junk up too quickly).  But the concept is called Oh-roma, and the idea is to supplement the normal charcoal filter with one that carries the scent of body odor, dirty underwear, sweat, musk, a lovers breath, etc... 

The way it works is pretty simple. As per the manufacturer's website:

"Users simply open their OhRoma mask and insert scented OhRoma cartridges of their choosing into each canister. Once the cartridges are securely in place users simply slip on their OhRoma mask and turn it on. Via the official OhRoma app, OhRoma will automatically pair with Bluetooh on a user's smartphone. The mask will heat up the cartridges and begin to produce various aromas being broadcasted by the model."

Of course you will need the app, a mask, and a headset to watch the virtual reality porn with your smart phone. Though this technology is being used for semi-nefarious purposes here, consider the ramifications of putting this to use for something productive, such as training soldiers to experience combat situations with all senses involved. It could be that future technology will see the military issued gasmask as a center for virtual reality visits with loved ones, training devices, and valuable items of life saving equipment.