Designer gasmasks: 2 who are making a change

One only needs to peruse the images of World War Two to see what kind of horror was wrought on the children of Japan, Europe, and Germany with the advent of chemical warfare and the need to use gas masks to try to circumvent those horrors.

That is why these two designers are doing something that anyone who is a gas mask aficionado will understand to be a good move that is long overdue. The attempt is to remove the dark image that is associated with these devices, as well as to remove the utilitarian concept of them and to make them both easier to don and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and mindset of the victim/wearer. Here are two new concepts in gas mask design.


1. The Social Gasmask. Presented by Yanko Design and developed by  Zlil Lazarovich, this design is made to be more fashiobnable than utilitarian; however, it may very well find a use in the wardrobes of future sophisticants and aristocracy. "The nature of a gas mask has a negative connotation as it is, but in this example it’s used as a tool with psychological coping during emergency situations. It’s called the Social Gas Mask, and its large eyepieces, cheeky filters and small mouth opening work together to offer an empowering image and positive experience. It facilitates better communication between individuals spending time together in a stressful situation. It’s as friendly as a gas mask could be!"

2. The Minimalist Gasmask. Presented and designed by Bradly Hood, this design is created with a utilitarian slant more so then a design function. The idea was to trim the fat and make it easier to don the mask with any style of helmet. "This mask is designed to let users breathe easily without encumbering their ability to see or speak. Since the Samsonite Breathing Mask is not a face-covering mask, it could be mixed and matched with other helmets and goggles to provide the maximum protection possible." 

The fact is that the times, they are a changing and with them are coming many different designs and concepts for the modern gas mask. With the world being like it is, it is likely that gasmasks will be the wave of the future in some way, shape, or form. We might as well get used to the idea and even embrace it if we may.