How to defend against a tear gas attack


Tear gas used in a robbery attack in Paris

November 7, 2017


According to news sources, a gang of thugs used tear gas to rob 40 Chinese tourists in an ambush style attack that transpired in an affluent Paris Hotel where these tourists were visiting for a holiday.

The tour group had just returned from a shopping trip in the French capital at around 8.20pm on Thursday evening. But when they made it back to the car park of the Kyriad Hotel they were jumped by the gang who sprayed tear gas at them. The group then sprinted off with nine bags filled with shopping items.

Though this style of attack is not necessarily something that you can be prepared for in any other way than constantly wearing a gasmask, you can be prepared mentally, and doing so will give you an edge if and when you are confronted by a tear gas wielding attacker. Here are three tips that you can use for your defense in such a case:

1.     Move your face out of the cloud. One thing I learned when I worked in a maximum security prison is that chemical munitions work in your airway and eyes… but they only work in your airway and eyes. So, if you can remove your access from the cloud of gas, you can eliminate a good bit of the effect from hurting you.

2.     Catch the munition in your hands or on your arms. As I said before, chemical munitions only work when they get into your airway or eyes, catch them elsewhere and you won’t be as contaminated… I say “as contaminated” because you will be affected to some extent, everyone around will be.

3.     Use the chemical against your attacker. Remember how we just caught the agent in our hands and on our clothes? Well, hands and clothes make an excellent method of distribution do feel free to adequately distribute a copious amount of said chemical to your attackers face and eyes… he has earned it!